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We specialise in small to medium sized business and can provide a range of services from installation and support to internet connectivity, security and cloud.


We supply a range of support services from just a single PC up to a complete network. These include telephone, remote and on-site support either ad-hoc or under contract.


Whether it’s hosted email, email scanning, web filtering or backup we can tailor a cloud solution for your needs.


From local anti-virus and firewall to web filtering and threat protection we have solutions to keep your computers and networks safe.

  • Over the past seven years, Maven IT has been an integral part of our team. They are hugely reliable, trusted, knowledgeable and always finds a solution to whatever problem we throw at them! And unlike other IT providers, they take the time to explain IT issues in terms we understand, rather than bamboozling with jargon. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them OR We’d like to say something bad about them so we could keep them to ourselves, but we genuinely can’t think of anything!

    Emma Tozer, Partner, Media Bounty (www.mediabounty.com)
  • Maven IT have been supporting our business with both PC’s and MAC’s since we started 12 years ago, always there when you need them, and getting to the bottom of any technical issues that arise, and there have been a few along the way! Couldn’t function without them.

    Scott Waring, Managing Partner, Four Corners Advertising (www.fourcornersadvertising.co.uk)
  • Maven IT always go above and beyond what I’d normally expect from an outside IT company. They are always there to bounce ideas off and make recommendations and, on the few occasions when we have had a hardware fault covered by their contract, they have been swift to attend site and make the repairs. Highly recommended.

    J.Wolfe, IT Manager, Tolhurst Fisher LLP (www.tolhurstfisher.com)

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